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We believe God has designed work so that we do it together with Him.

St Nicholas’s Worklife Ministry’s desire is to see Christians flourish as faithful and fruitful followers of Jesus, making a difference wherever they are – home, work, university, club, in all the places where they connect with people in today’s world. We want to be part of a movement to make ‘whole-life missionary discipleship’ central and effective in the Church at large.


As the gathered community of this local church we want to disciple the people of God for the whole of life. Our hope for individuals is that the whole people of God might engage with the whole word of God in a way that touches and transforms the whole of our lives, individually and together, for the sake of the world in which we are called to live.


We will intentionally encourage and equip our congregants to be “salt and light” where they find themselves for up to 70% of the waking hours. This will be achieved by providing:


  • Periodic sermons or sermon series specifically aimed at addressing the issues that people face in the workplace daily.

  • Worklife applications to be included in all sermons, where possible.

  • Providing worklife applications through electronic media on a regular basis, either directly or in conjunction with an international Worklife Ministry.

  • Provision of other web based support systems, including those available from Worklife, our international service provider

  • The month of May every year has been set aside for Worklife activities, including, sermons specifically aimed at addressing the issues that people face in the workplace daily, at least two of which will entail guest preachers. The commissioning of congregants for service in the workplace, will also happen in this month.



We had a very successful “Worklife Month of May”, which closed on a high note on 27 of that month, with an inspiring talk by Ena Richards from “Work4aLiving” regarding having a Christian Worldview about work and ones workplace. 

Although our people are the main recipients of this equipping for their respective workplaces, we did ask them to “Invite your Boss/Work Colleague to Church Today”, which was our theme for the month. I believe that this action was moderately successful and it will escalate in future years. 

Those visitors who did come, inspired us, at Nicholas, to sponsor an encouraging blog to be broadcast on Kingfisher FM for the next 26 weeks during the early morning session when many workers are on the way to work.

Finally, I want to invite any visitors to this site as a result of hearing the encouraging words on radio, to scroll down to the bottom of this page where you will find additional resources to help you in your walk with God in your workplace. 

We have found that one or two preaches in a week, supported by bi-weekly devotionals mailed to your electronic address, cannot address all the issues you may face in your place of work, so feel free to interact with our consultants in this area.”

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